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Lack of Adherence Increases Cardiovascular Risks in Diabetes. Article in the ‘Österreichische Ärztezeitung’

According to a new study of the Medical University of Innsbruck, a lack of adherence in type 2 diabetes has a significant impact on the risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney complications.

Sara Denicolo from the Department of Internal Medicine IV and her co-authors examined 1125 patients in a sub-study of the PROVALID study. Urine samples were taken to determine whether the participants were actually taking the prescribed medication to lower blood sugar levels, inhibit blood clotting and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The mean observation period was 5.1 years. Only 56.3 percent of patients fully adhered to the treatment, 42 percent partially adhered to the treatment (taking at least one of the medications) and 1.7 percent did not adhere to the treatment. Non-compliance with the therapy had considerable consequences: Participants who did not take antiplatelet drugs had a tenfold increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Not taking antihypertensive drugs doubled the risk of serious kidney complications. APA/Diabetologia

Title: Österreichische Ärztezeitung, circulation: 49.600, issue: 09-2024, page: 17.




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