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Diabetics With Low Treatment Adherence Have a Poor Prognosis. Austrian Press Release from April 30, 2024

People with type 2 diabetes should pay attention to their blood sugar levels and keep their cardiovascular risk as low as possible. However, only 56 percent actually take all the necessary medication, which leads to more heart and kidney disease in many of those affected.

In a sub-study published a few days ago in the specialist journal “Diabetologia”, Sara Denicolo from the Department of Internal Medicine IV at Medical University Innsbruck and her co-authors examined 1125 participants of the PROVALID study using a particularly “sophisticated” program: urine samples were used to determine whether the patients were actually taking their prescribed medication to lower blood sugar, inhibit blood clotting and lower blood pressure and cholesterol using the latest and most precise test methods (LC-MS/MS – liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry).

This scientific findings point to a major problem. Around 800,000 people in Austria suffer from diabetes. 85 to 90 percent of them are type 2 diabetics. The complications of this chronic disease also put a large proportion of those affected at risk.


April 30, 2024



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